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Dance Central 2

First Details On Dance Central 2

Harmonix rolls on with the next installment of Dance Central 2, and it includes co-op dancing.

The game was revealed at the Microsoft press conference, and it will not only let you and a friend dance together simultaneously, but it also features a Campaign mode, voice control, a redesigned Break it Down mode, and more.

Fans of the first will also be glad to hear that you can import all your songs from the first game as well.

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  • Yesssssssss this is one for Kinect I have been waiting for, Nothing else good coming for it

  • Niiiice. This will be a definite buy.

  • This was the best Kinect game of E3 in my opinion. Looks like it actually uses Kinect for what it is designed to eventually do. I just hope everyone can learn to play as well as those professional dancers who showed it off.

  • Wow, MS is really making some good strides with the Kinect technology. I know "casual" gaming is usually scorned, but Dance Central is a heck of a lot of fun if you don't mind looking a little silly. I hope the next one only improves upon it. Even if it doesn't I can still enjoy my Kinect when I use it to play Mass Effect 3.

  • Simultaneous 2 player is actually a huge deal... my girl and I don't play much DC1 because of the heckling from whoever is off-stage x.x

  • Hmmmm I'll wait for the review.  Hopefully, it improves on the faults of Dance Central.

  • Looking forward to this. Just need a tracklist! :P

  • Ok, another dancing game. Wonderful.

  • o joy i'd rather go to the club