OK, if you have played games like the overrated Just Dance Series or other motion stick controller dance games, you have NEVER experienced anything like Dance Central 2. First off, the first Dance Central was given a 8.75 by Game Informer and I agree. It was good but it is really frustrating to go in and out when it is your turn to take the dance floor. In Dance Central 2, it is improved that you can dance with your friend. The playability is extraordinary because it keeps great track of your dance movements, thus accurate scoring. The music choices should please a wide variety of players from the 80's, 90's, and the 00's. Replay Value is High and the graphics are highly similar to the previous Dance Central with glossed characters with ridiculous outfits. The new story mode is an OK addition to the game, but not really needed when fooling around with your family and friends in Dance Mode. Overall, Dance Central 2 will keep making you come back for more and more partying and dancing, all day and all night.