Dance Central is a game for the Xbox 360's very own Kinect. Pick a dancer, pick a song, pick a mode and you're ready to go. Some people say Dance Central is a really hard game or that they can't dance. Really, I think it just takes a lot of practice if you feel like you're uncoordinated (just like I was). Now here's some tips to learn how to dance like a pro in Dance Central.

1. Practice: Of course, this is a very cliche thing to say, but it's true. Take once a week (or a month if need be) and practice both songs you have already learned and those that you would like to learn. I recommend a lot more of the learned ones and maybe one or two of the new ones. The game is only hard if you don't repeat the songs from time to time. The moves are forgotten and they become more and more difficult to perform resulting in a mediocre score. If you don't find yourself playing the game very often, then you're going to have a harder time than someone who plays at least once a week.

2. Think Positive: "Oh, I can't dance" or "This is way too hard" are some of the worst things you can tell yourself when you play. Mind over matter is what I say. The game is only as hard as you tell yourself it is. If you just get in it, practice, and just dance, you'll be fine.

3. Challenge Yourself: Test your memory and play without the flashcards. This will start to make the moves easier because you know how to do them without watching the screen. Plus, it's a pretty cool thing you can brag about to your other uncoordinated friends.

4. Practice Rhythm Exercises: I have found that a lot of people who play the game have a problem with rhythm. If you look online and Google some rhythm exercises or even a metronome, you can improve your rhythm and potentially help your dancing. If you play an instrument like the bass or the drums, this can also help you with rhythm.

5. Dance: Here's the fun part. Just dance until you can't dance anymore. This is the only way you can make the game truly fun. Play and get better, and really, just have a lot of fun. It's a game many can enjoy if they stay open-minded towards it.