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  • game guide reviews 2

    fun i give it this 9.50 More
  • Dance Central

    Whew!!!!! Dance Central rocks! I just finished dancing to Crank That[Soulja Boy] three times. I feel like I burned two thousand calories. This game uses the full power of kinect, head to toe action. Clearly, it's the most body action game yet. Dance... More
  • the wife loves it.

    im loving these type of games because ive seen first hand how it draws such a wide variety of people togeather to play. my wife hated video games, i mean loathed them untill i picked up this title.i was so suprised how quick she picked it up and was beating... More
  • Excellent First Entry

    Dance Central is exactly what Kinect needed to establish the potential of Kinect's motion tracking. Every movement was spot on. It was fun to play and shined as a party game. I especially enjoyed the variety of dance styles included. Lady Gaga's... More

    Ill start off by saying this game is AWESOME!!! I love how the menus are easy to navigate, the music is fresh, and the motion detection is right on point. This is like the PERFECT party game.. i think it is so funny to dance battle and challenge friends... More
  • Harmonix Dances Circles Around The Competition

    With Kinect’s Dance Central, Harmonix took a risk on a new piece of technology and succeeded in creating the most authentic and entertaining virtual dance experience to date.

    ... More