Dance Central is exactly what Kinect needed to establish the potential of Kinect's motion tracking.  Every movement was spot on. It was fun to play and shined as a party game.  I especially enjoyed the variety of dance styles included.  Lady Gaga's Poker Face provides the easiest dance moves to master.  Even my seven year old was scoring well and having fun with that track.  Outside of the first few songs, the littler ones might not be coordinated enough to perform well which leads to listening to Poker Face over and over again.  The game definitely can take most of us to our limit of physical fitness, coordination, and stamina.  I found myself wanting to play longer than my body would allow.

The limited downside of this game was the playable character's.  They are intented to be cartoony and whimsical and they certainly acheive that goal.  I just found them to be character's I'd like to stuff in a locker and empty a can of shaving cream on them.  The more significant complaint I have is the limited songlist.  There's a little for everyone to enjoy, that's it.  You will need to spend a lot more money on DLC to build a library that will keep you interested.

Overall, it's a solid game that uses the Kinect technology with incredible effectiveness.  I'm excited to see the next step forward in this genre.  I'll wait until then to spend my hard earned money on the DLC though.