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Man Behind Deadly Premonition Is Bringing D4 To Xbox One

Microsoft revealed a trailer at its E3 press conference today for an Xbox One excusive titled, D4.

Not much is known about the game as of now, other than that it’s an episodic mystery directed by Hidetaka Suehiro (a.k.a. Swery65), who also directed Deadly Premonition in 2010. No release date was announced for D4.

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  • Looks interesting, but the graphics aren't impressive in the slightest.
  • No matter how beautiful it looks and even if it was called Deadly Premonition 2 it wouldn't matter. Maybe it will come to Wii U.
  • Whatever happened to D3

    well, i don't think its part of the D series by Kenji Eno (R.I.P) but it seems to be the only interesting game for XboxOne

  • Loving the look of this game... Didn't care for much else shown about it.

  • Too bad it's exclusive.

  • "episodic mystery" ...Well thats a damn shame its on the xbox one.

  • This game reminds me a lot like The Walking Dead, but I don't think it will get the praise that Deadly Premonition did. I just get that feeling it really won't be that great of a game. I'll have to wait and see !

  • So... It's basically Telltale's TWD meets Deadly Premonition... And episodic? Hmm...

  • Looks bats*** insane...I'm in.

  • Im excited, want to see gameplay

  • looks alright might check it out.

  • Not sure if this is my cup of tea...