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Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED' Releases First Trailer

Developer CD Projekt RED, the studio behind The Witcher, has released the first trailer for its upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. The teaser shows off the game's deadly (and unhinged) MAX-TAC police, AKA the Psycho Squad.

There isn't any actual gameplay footage in the clip, but there's still a fair bit of information to absorb. CD Projekt RED studio head Adam Badowski offers this detailed explanation of what we're looking at:

When a psycho goes on the rampage, strange things can happen. There’s going to be a lot of carnage, so the psycho might be taken down by regular police, but they’re not always able to get the job done. They call in MAX-TAC (Maximum Force Tactical Division), popularly called the “Psycho Squad.” And these guys are exceptional, these guys are crack troops. The fact that they’re proud of that name tells you a bit about their mindset. They wear a badge with their official emblem on their right sleeve, but their left is reserved for their unofficial Psycho Squad emblem. It’s primitively made and the image itself is on the crude side of things. It’s not unlike a badge."

There are few details beyond that at this point in time. The company isn't even revealing what platforms the game will be appearing on. That kind of secrecy all but confirms that we're looking at a next-gen game, which will likely be appearing on PC and as-of-yet-unannounced consoles. Interesting.

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  • The Witcher 2 was amazing and CD Projekt is a fantastic dev, can't wait for this game!
  • Strange things... like gunning down a school full of children with a military styled bushmaster .223. A weapon made for killing people not game. Then yes it is strange.

    Edit: I can see why people don't like commenting here. "Lets interpret what this guy said." Not a very good community in my opinion. Idiots.

    Edit2: Seems there are an abundance of lazy members here too bothered to read the thread. I'll make it easy just this once. "When a psycho goes on the rampage, strange things can happen." I was running off that marketing tool, didn't watch the video so if there is some relevance there I'm sorry. The flame war was pretty funny though. Blake I still don't like you.
  • Can't wait. Always love CD Projekt.
  • I have a feeling I found the game to upgrade my PC for ;)
  • Super neato.

  • more devs need to take on the ready when its ready approach. Given CD Project can fund production for forever because of GOG. Still I think there is more money to be made with a great game, than with a good or okay game.

    sure the ability to patch is nice, but it really seem to punish the day 1 costumers with less polished products.
  • Finally, a game that I'm actually interested in and looking forward to knowing more about.

  • I am a huge sucker for the cyberpunk genre and after the Witcher games I will buy anything these guys make. Can't wait for more info!

  • i love games like this so i will definitely get it if it gets good reviews
  • Sweet, looks awesome.
  • Not that they really need to convince me, I'm sold anyway but for once I would like to play a criminal.
  • Bad ass!

  • More info on CD Projekt coming Feb. 5? Wonder what it is... A new Witcher?
  • So excited!

  • Please be on next gen consoles!

  • There's a long hidden message at the end of the trailer as soon as the cyberpunk website url is about to disappear.
  • "coming: When it's ready" did you see that EA? They actually release games when they're finished. Who would have thought!
  • Looks like the Psycho Squad is made up of the psychos themselves. Interesting...
  • OMG(DROOOOOOOOL)i love CD projekt ,the witcher is amazing and this will be too XD can't wait to have my mind blown eeeehhhhhh

  • Looks awesome! They can definitely take their time with it. Also, song?
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