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Crysis 3

Get In On The Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta

Crysis 3 is coming out on February 19, but before that, fans can jump on the open multiplayer beta this month.

The beta – which starts on January 29 and ends on February 12 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 – covers two modes and two maps (Airport and Museum).


  • Crash Site: Secure and defend specific locations, with points awarded for how long you hold those spots
  • Hunter: Two players start out as hunters with Nanosuits vs. 10 Cell opponents (14 on PC). Every time a hunter kills a Cell trooper in the time-based mode, the victim becomes a hunter

Also appearing in the beta is the New York Feed, which is a social feature that highlights your friends' accomplishments and suggests challenges for you.

For another look at these two modes, check out this previous video.

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  • I heard that the Alpha was already a lot better than the multiplayer in Crysis 2 but all I want is a story that is longer than just 6 hours... I hope they didn't sacrifice the lenght of the game for a better mp.
  • Cool I might try this out

  • Oh cool, Crysis 2 online was pretty fun, I'll definitely give this a shot.

  • Awesome possum... hunter reminds me of perfect darks multiplayer mode... loved that

  • I just finished the first Crysis, and I'm cruising through part 2 now. I loved the first, and so far part 2 is pretty sweet as well. Consider me a new fan of this series. By the way, the sharks in that first game are creepy as all hell!
  • Isn't this late for a beta? The game has to have already gone gold. I guess a day one patch, but, still, this whole game feels rushed, to me. It could also be that I'm so far behind I'm starting to blame developers for making too many good games too quickly.
  • uhm no offense Mr kato but you didn't leave us a link :) how would I sign up for the beta test? anyone?
  • Iv been in the alpha for awhile, its fun, and omg the grass..

  • I own Crysis 2, and played its beta, and so far... It doesn't seem all that different.

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  • I didn't really like Crysis 2. The multiplayer was fun, the campaign for me wasn't. I'm looking forward to playing this beta though.

  • I'm looking forward to that Hunter mode.

  • A beta this close to release? That doesn't really help Crytek. Looks like everyone gets a day one patch!
  • I will definitely be playing it.

  • Hunter sounds awesome, I'm a sucker for those Infection-type modes.

  • Ooh -- a beta that lets me try out the part of Crysis 3 I most want to see in action? Sounds good! I look forward to being a Hunter...

    And hey! A PS3 beta/demo too? I'm genuinely surprised, all things considered.

  • Is it gonna be on XBL market place like last time?
  • Was going to get this for PC since I got my new gaming notebook, but I will instead preorder for 360 for the sake of being able to play with friends :)

    Also kudos to Crytek for acquiring Homefront (confirmed?). That is one THQ property that I felt was a little underdeveloped but had potential in its eventual sequel.

  • Hopefully the multiplayer is good, campaign will probably be crap.

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