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Crysis 3

Crysis 3 Gameplay Video Goes Full Predator

The latest beautiful HD gameplay trailer EA sends along is full of luscious grass, spiny aliens, and assorted other things that stand no chance against the power of the nanosuit.

Between playing hide-and-seek with deadly xenos, ripping a turret off its mounting to dish out an obscene amount of damage, and boarding a train to the segment's explosive finale, it's easy to become a believer after seeing Crytek's next project in motion.

Crysis 3 launches on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on February 19.

  • All I see is "2047986078001," linking me back to the article. Excited to watch it, though. Bows are big recently.
  • Hold up, you never go FULL predator! Hmm, I think I'm misquoting that reference...
  • No video..

  • Video should be fixed now, sorry about that everybody.

  • did anybody else when they played the last turok game for ps3/360 think it was gonna kinda be like this.  i.e. hunting dinosaurs that are nearly invisible in tall grass?  yeah... the first 5 minutes of that game is where it shined, then it all went down hill.

  • Love the Crysis games, was a little disappointed in the second one because of it being so much more linear, but still great none the less. Looking forwards to part 3, it seems like they are making it a little more free roam than the second, but still not nearly as much as the first game.

  • That facial animation looked good.
  • Ahhhhh Crysis 3. A beautiful way to play the same old FPS as usual. The grass looks great, but the more realistic games look, the more silly they look when that realism is broken. For instance, really cool that he large rocket launcher could knock down trees. Very strange that it didn't harm GRASS. Ha. Looks very nice, gameplay looks like the same thing we've been doing since dual-analog controls were invented.
  • Footage wouldn't been much better at night to add to the intensity... Looks solid though, I just hope there are more open areas than that.

  • Ahhh... very nice

  • It's a rent.
  • Aw man that looks good.

  • He took down a tree.

    This is so awesome.

  • new character seems really annoying

  • Take Crysis 2.  Improve graphics slightly.  Add Black Ops 2 music.  High five!

  • yeah this game looks awesome. Cannot wait to get it!!! But... why does the timer for the powers seem so limited?

  • How the heck does that train keep going, it gets a push then starts going down-hill...(fine)...then it starts going up-hill...(what?)
  • The engine sure is a beauty.

  • I was really disappointed with Crysis 2 so I have no interest in this game.

  • visually it looks amazing, but i dont think im allthat interested in it, wasnt a fan of crysis 2

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