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Crysis 3

Crysis 3 Hunter Mode Trailer

Crytek released a new trailer showing off Crysis 3's Hunter Mode that pits 2 Hunters against CELL Troopers. The mode lasts five two-minute rounds and is 2 vs. 10 on console and 2 vs. 14 on PC. The Hunters must take out the CELL troopers, and when a CELL trooper dies, they respawn as a Hunter. Sounds fair, right? The round ends when there are no more CELL troopers left or until the round ends.

Crysis 3 is out this February.

  • meh... I like Far Cry 3 better
  • never played any of these games but this looks awesome might need to gat my hands on this game! so many titles so little money lol!

  • i might as well just stick with crysis 2...its basically the same.
  • this game is going to rule! war crisis 3!

  • Cannot wait for Crysis 3 to come out! One of the smoothest game series I have ever played.

  • Sweet looking game!!!!! I need this now!!! :p

  • played the alpha on PC with the R7950 on Ultra settings... all i have to say is... this game is next-gen. Playing it reminded me of how i felt when i played perfect dark on 360 when it first came out in '05... im pretty sure this is how our new consoles will perform when they arrive in the next few years... it's just too bad PC is already so far ahead....I actually thought this is what PS3 and 360 were going to look like now.... i have a prediction that in 2019 we will start seeing some real shyte for home consoles and it's going to be awesome. i almost feel that the current dev kits should be held off and Ps3 and 360 should go for a few more years... because the best quality console game we will be seeing next-gen will look like this and not be that next step everyone is waiting for.
  • Some pretty brutal gameplay there. Wouldn't want to be around for that future.

  • I loved the graphics of crysis 2, but i always felt like i was underpowered. I hope they make you (well either all around better), or make the controls feel more fluid. I always felt like a hulking beast that was trying to go for stealth, but could never quite reach its full potential.

  • sweet!

  • Crysis 2 MP was largely an unbalanced mess. Nothing they show me will make this a buy. I'm renting.
  • Wow, that looks pretty damn good.  I may have to check it out.

  • Reminds me of the Predator...

  • Cool.  But I have 'til February.

  • Looks pretty good. I'll just rent it or pick it up when it's cheaper.

  • i never played crysis game before
  • Looks like a lot of fun! I might actually play the multiplayer on this one more.

  • even though i play cod and halo more than crysis i know crysis is wayyy better. when i played crisis2 multiplayer i remember while sprinting, holding the crounch button causing a slide while shooting like in the cry3 vid above, it was cool. the railgun atatchment for he rifle was cool.  the air stomp.   i like  how  the nano suit says "cloak engaged" when you activate stealth mode. the nano suit is the most vicious looking suit i ever seen

  • This is gonna be a really fun game type.

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