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Crysis 3

Crysis 3 Video Outlines New Multiplayer Modes

The latest video covering Crysis 3 dives into the new multiplayer modes Hunter and Crash Site.

You will want to check out the video for the full rundown, because both game types offer complicated re-imaginings of the normal 'shoot the other team as frequently as possible' modes typically offered by shooters. The Hunter mode in particular sounds especially terrifying, especially if you are the last man standing.

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  • I kinda feel like Hunter Mode is like an infection mode on steroids, with a Crysis coloring. I'm turned off by the idea because it's seems tipped in favor of the Hunters (which I guess it should), but more importantly the game mode calls for team play. It seems like in order for this mode to succeed the online community needs to ditch the FPS solo mentality which won't happen anytime soon. For this reason I'm not too excited.

  • hunter mode looks sick

  • WHOA!!!! Awesome!

  • If they're gonna throw in a bow, I think Prophet could use a pretty sick katana, too

  • That part with the Pinger looked really cool.

  • I so want to play the first 2.

  • Looking even more amazing.

  • Hunter mode sounds pretty awesome.  I think being the last guy standing would be a good rush, imagine taking out all the Hunters.