Ever since the PC version of the original Crysis, the Crysis series has been a moving step in visual graphics. Pushing the barrier each time. Crysis 3 also allows you to play the game the way you want to. Wheather it's stealth, or guns blazing. Your choice. As it seems that Crysis 3 would be the last Crysis, Crytek wanted to go out in style. I'm pleased to say that Crysis 3 went out in class.

 In Crysis 3, you play as Prophet 24 years after the events of Crysis 2. You discover that the city of New York is under a dome and has grown into a jungle. As you progress, you go on a "Revenge mission" against CELL, but as you progress, CELL isn't your only threat. Neither are the Ceph. You uncover the Alpha Ceph. It's time to finish off the Ceph once and for all.

 As I said earlier, one of the main thing the Crysis series is known for most is their famous Crytek engine which is one of the highlights of the entire game. From character models, to face animation, to the setting. This game looks absolutely gorgeous, and is easily one of the best looking game this generation.

 The story is pretty good. It's not as smart as the previous Crysis stories were, but it's not a completely dumb story. It's quite easy to follow. It's not dumb, but wouldn't say a groundbreaking story either. The sound in the game is great. Voice actors did a superb job, the sound the gun makes sounds great, and the music score was once again doesn't disappoint. As good as Crysis 2's soundtrack was, you could argue that Crysis 3's is better.

 What makes Crysis 3 so fun is the gameplay. I love it when a game gives me choice of how to play. I'm a more try to use stealth as long as you can, then open fire, and it works perfectly. It might seem like a blast, but you've allready had this feeling before. Yep, as much it was, it was almost the same asthe Previous Crysis. No wait a minute. I forgot. They added a bow. Overall though if you have something that's not broken, why try to change it?

 It took me about 7 hours on easy, and I took some time. So the game should be about 6-10 hours depending of difficulty. Crysis 3 also brings back the side missions like Crysis. They might not be ground breaking, but if you have time to check something out during the story, it's worth a shot. Plus, there's quite a few collectibles so if you're looking for a time consumer, this will take a while. Oh, did I mention multiplayer?

 Crysis 3 doe shave multiplayer, but it's alot of the same. Whether it's a good or bad thing, you decide. They did though add a a new mode called Hunter mode. It's where 2 hunters(shown above) with bows must take out 6 CELL operatives. As each CELL operative is killed, they become a Hunter. If a Hunter dies, then he respawns in a couple seconds. The mode is fun, but for everyone to be a hunter once, each round is 2 minutes. 4 total so doing the math 8 minutes. Seems ok, but if you were hoping to be the hunter, you might be disappointed.

 Even though Crytek could've done a little more to improve, Crysis 3 is a great game. Probably the best in the series. From the begining to end, you shouldn't be to much disappointed. Plus with all the goodies to do and get after words, you'll be playing this a while. It's better then a 9.25, but not a 9.5. With that said, I would give Crysis 3 a

9.3 our of 10