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Crysis 2 Blog Guidelines
  • Just the best game in the world

    I extreemly loved this game for its unique style and superb graphics. More
  • Crysis 2: Fear the Nanosuit

    FULL DISCLAIMER: This review only covers the single player campaign as I did not try the multiplayer component. Crytek's sequel to its critically acclaimed PC exclusive sandbox FPS may not be what fans had expected but it is not a disappointment by... More
  • An edgy single player experience with some rusty edges

    Crysis is the franchise that perfectly creates the bridge between a military shooter and a sci- fi one. The graphics are gorgeous and by far the most beautiful console game of that year. The sound track will offer beautiful music and voice acting. The... More
  • Crysis 2 Review: Meeting Expectations

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Crysis 2 is one of very few games that intrigued me so much prior to its launch that I felt compelled to pick it up very near its release. The unique abilities, incredible visuals, semi-open world style,... More
  • Review of Crysis 2

    I just finished playing Crysis 2 and I am very happy with the game. I bought it through Steam and started playing. It took me a minute to get use to the new controls on PC but after a few minutes, I fell in love with the new system. The changes they made... More
  • Graphics are better then skyim these graphics beat all.

    Intesting storyline its appeal is so high. More
  • Master piece.

    This game is flawless such good art graphics wepons sound everything. Pretty much you start out with marines going to kill the aliens when suddenly your sub gets shot,then once you escape the sub your stranded in the water,the next thing you no your being... More
  • (Identity) Crysis

    Crysis 2 is a confused game because I'm not sure it knows what type of game it ultimately wants to be. It plays like a FPS, but it succeeds more when it's played as a stealth game à la Metal Gear Solid. Granted, you have a nano suit that... More
  • Crysis 2 Review by Batmanrul3s

    Crysis 2 is a visually stunning game, every set piece, every character design, every gun, every explosion, looks awesome and shockingly real. gameplay is solid and fun, though I was left wishing that the nanosuit's battery life lasted longer, some... More
  • Crysis 2 comes with strength to console

    I honestly had no clue what Crysis was about. You could say I took a leap of faith, and don't worry. It's a successful leap because Crysis 2 is awesome. Graphics are goregeous. It looks so good. Score pretty good. Hans Zimmer is just great. Game... More
  • crysis is awesome

    this game is a awesome first person shooter is has no faults but the extreme diffculty for new players More
  • Crysis 2 Review- More than just pretty graphics?

    Crysis 2 Review One look at Crytek's latest game and you can immediately tell it is a step up from the first Crysis. Continually hailed as the greatest looking game of all time, the fact that Crysis 2 tops the first is quite an achievement. Sunlight... More
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