Crysis II is, in my humble view, a testemony to what a great looking game should look like.  The creators of this title did an outstanding job bringing this game to console from PC.  I was particularly impressed with the way they mapped out upgrades and weapon custimization so flawlessly, considering the former complexity the keyboard and mouse allowed.

    Throughout the storyline you play as a U.S. Marine named Alcatraz who, in an odd confrontation, dons the nanosuit that was once worn by an operative known as Prophet.  You will encounter several catalyst individuals who will guide you along the way.  The broken down plot is an alien force is invading the city and spreading some sort of infectious desease through the air.  The Marines and a private sector known as Cell are tasked with driving back the aliens and evacuating the area.  You are stuck somewhere in the middle.  Many of those who guide you will turn out to be quite different than what you might expect once you actually meet them face to face and do not be suprised to find your alleigence, enemies, and friends swapped around like so many trading cards.

     If the game has a single downside its the grunt like, Marine given stoicism that Alcatraz displays throughout the story.  The man is an emotional machine.  He unquestioningly does as he is instructed from point to point and never once shows any sort of feeling or opinion about the situation he finds himself in.

     As far as weaponry, you will implement both Marine issue and Cell operative firearms and vehicles.  Most of these fall into standard firearm categories such as, shotty, rifle, sniper, pistol, etc., however there are a handful that differ quite distinctively from the norm and serve to bring a futeristic edge to the gameplay.  The nanosuit itself is without a doubt the best armor I have ever encountered in any FPS.  With powerful abilities like near invisiblity, superspeed, incredible strength, "nano" heat vision, and an all seeing tactical visor it tends to make you feel quite immortal.  Not to mention it has an armor up mode the can stop a tank round.  You collect nano catalyst from dead aliens to use as a currency of sorts to upgrade the suits abilities along the way.  That being said, the nanosuit is without doubt the best weapon in the game.  As far as shooters go, with amazing visuals (lighting is extremely impressive) plus a truly enjoyable storyline to boot, this game is a must have.