I just want to start off by saying that I have played a ton of FPS in my day, as I'm sure that you have as well, and with no contest Crysis 2 is my favorite by a landslide. Much like Crysis, C2 uses the CryEngine and is the best looking game on console to date. The graphics on this game are second to none, it's sometimes hard to focus on your objective because explosions and bullets tearing through cover are so realistic you can't help but gaze in awe.

         C2 is a FPS that takes place in New York City in the distant future. Fore some reason after you are ordered to don the Nanosuit 2.0, you go rogue and now they are after you to get it back. On top of that it seems there is an alien attack in the midst of your battle against your former allies. Go here, kill this guy, get a sample from this alien's tissue then bring it back to me. The story needs serious work but the mechanics and graphics are so flawless you won't mind. The suit can be upgraded as you progress and your weapons are fully customizable. Ammo and Weapon drops are frequent so there is plenty of room to experiment with different weapon and upgrade combos without fear of losing your current favorite gun.

     Crysis 2 is the best First Person shooter on the market right now and is a great game to fill the gap until Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefieldv3 get here. If you can look past the mundane storyline C2 is a great addition for any shooter fan.