A while back I played the first Crysis, when I managed to get a computer that could handle the game in all it glory. I was blown away by how good the game looked and felt. Crysis was different than most shooters because the world was so open and gave the player so much freedom to do what they wanted. Now Crysis 2 is out and it is just as good, if not better than the first game.

On the first Crysis the world was so open that it gave you so much freedom to do what  you wanted with the abilities that the character had, like you use a cloak and turn invisible to take out the enemies with a silence d weapon. Or you could be the person who goes all out an shoots everything in their path with the armer ability. There where many other abilities also that helped out like power, so the player could punch harder and jump higher. There is also the speed ability to  make you run faster. Crysis 2 uses all of these powers, but makes them activate more fluidly, In stead of holding in the mouse button and select the abilities individually, you can just press the sprint button to run fast, or you can hold in the jumping button and you will do the power jump. With all the abilites being activated easier, you would think that the energy meter would run down quickly, but it does not. The energy meter goes down at a slower and better pace, and when the player is not using an ability the meter refills quickly so there is not any pauses in the action. 

The AI is also above average compared to most shooters, especially on the harder difficulties. If the player stays in one area for to long, they could easily be flanked and not expect it it. The AI reacts to what ever stratagy the player is using and will try to out smart the player. The is the occasional glitch with the AI though, where the AI will be walking into a wall and not do anything else. 

The story for the game is very weird and in some ways complex where I am not going to explain it here. But if you are a fan of  Sci-Fi and like stories that mess with you mind this is the game for you.

Crysis 2 is a game that any shooter fan should try out. It has a weird, but interesting story. Challenging AI and gameplay that will have you coming back for more.