Let's start here: I have never played the original Crysis. That said, I didn't feel too lost about the story. Crytek did a pretty good job of summarizing all the background stuff in the first few chapters of the game. After familiarizing myself with the nanosuit's powers, the world began to look a little different. I started seeing lines of travel between hiding spots that I could get across by cloaking, then I could come out from behind the enemy and assassinate them. 

After a while of doing that I started to get tired of always having to sneak around, so I decided to take a different approach. I took the silencer off my weapon and swapped out a few suit modules and began bulldozing my way through the next few encounters. 

I am thoroughly enjoying the campaign, it is well made, well voiced, and looks incredible. Also, the controls, whether in single or multiplayer, feel very fluid and responsive. 

The multiplayer adds a whole new side to Crysis 2. I've only played a few of the game modes, but the maps I've played on are (of course) gorgeous. The maps don't have any one spot that can conquer every other place, there is a nice set of checks and balances in place. If you find a spot with a good vantage point, be prepared that before long someone else will get a nice vantage point on you. Camping is not encouraged. 

However, finding a general area to defend is great. On pier 17 (one of the maps from the demo) the buildings have plenty of defensive positions, but are also peppered with openings and entry/exit points for the enemy to exploit. The amount of options available in this game are insane.

This game is the perfect mix of all the great things in the shooter genre all placed in a beautiful package that keeps your attention not only on enemy movement, but also on..."Hey! check out that water! that ripples so awe---" Killcam