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  • Blog Post: Crysis 2 Videos Just Keep Coming

    Another day, another Crysis 2 video. Today Electronic Arts regales us with a long gameplay segment that showcases the sandbox shooter in action. The final episode of the Crysis 2 video series, called Gate Keepers, pits the nanosuit wearing *** against a large squad of CELL soldiers. In typical Crysis... More
  • Blog Post: Speed Is Key In Latest Crysis 2 Trailer

    In the few years that passed since the original Crysis, the planet was hit with devastating natural disasters comprised of earthquakes and floods that ravaged the world. In New York City, a plague consumes the city and aliens have returned. With the help of your Nanosuit, it's up to you to restore... More
  • Blog Post: Four Single-Player Pics Explode With Potential

    Not only will you look like you have crazy space muscles on the outside of your body, but you will shoot alien hovercraft in their stupid faces with huge rockets in Crytek's upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter. Anyone else ready to make this thing happen? And by "this thing" I mean "flaming... More
  • Blog Post: The Destructive Drama Of Crysis 2

    Crysis 2 was out in full force at E3, showing off a couple of impressive gameplay sequences, as well as some new screens. Both Crysis 2 demos we saw took place in a destroyed New York City in 2023. Developer Crytek is known for its graphical mastery, and it was on display here as Nomad stalked the streets... More
  • Blog Post: Crysis 2 First Look

    If you’re a console-based shooter fan, Crysis may be the best game from the past five years you never played. The unrelated follow-up to Crytek’s visually and technologically impressive Far Cry, the 2007 title and its spin-off Crysis: Warhead took the sandbox shooter genre to the next level... More
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