Dear Game Informer,

I am a long-time fan of your magazine. I love your reviews, your videos, your fun loving personalities and witty yet laugh-out-loud hilarious comedy. However it intrigues me how many errors pop up so frequently on your website. I understand that as humans we make mistakes. However, are you even running Spell-Check? I think it should have picked up this grammatical error.

"The map looks neat, but the real selling point is its readability Sound: The score is evocative of the period, but you'll likely turn it off within a few dozen hours."

So, what does readability have to due with the characteristics of the sound in a video game.  Then I get the rest. You like the music, however, it can get old after enough time. At least, that's what I got out of this review. I would just like to thank the GI staff for their time and dedication to their website, magazine, and fan base.


A Game Informer Fan