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Control Your Cast Of Characters To Pull Off The Big Job

Celebrity appearances in video games are nothing new, but I never expected to see one quite like this. From Kalypso Media and Skilltree Studios comes Crookz, a tactical heist game set in the '70s, debuted earlier this week with a trailer featuring none other than adult entertainer Ron Jeremy.

In Crookz, you'll command a ragtag group of thieves, each with their own specialties like lock-picking and brute strength, to pull off high-stakes robberies across 20 missions. In a parody of films like Ocean's Eleven, the live-action announcement trailer sets the tone for the groovy, mustached mayhem that is sure to ensue.

Though the screenshots below are our only look at the game so far, we do know players will also be able to use tools like camera jammers and chloroform to assist in their sneaking. In addition to taking on the campaign's stages, players can create their own challenges and share them with others.

Crookz is slated for release in 2015 on PC, Mac, and Linux. For more from Kalypso, check out the recently announced Dungeons 2.

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  • If they ever do a Mario porn, Ron Jeremy is perfect as Mario.
  • Ugh. Can't stand that guy.
  • Mod
    Who would have thought someone that looks like an Italian chef would have made it in the porn industry. But there ya go.
  • That dude is plain nasty...

  • Seriously, why is he one of the most famous male porn stars ?
  • That was pretty funny, even if the thumbnail is horrifying. Probably still won't care about the game, though. Too many 2D stealth games coming out, none of them look interesting.

  • My role model is in the gaming industry :D or at least a video for the gaming industry :D

  • People people are we forgetting. Ron Jeremy was also in leisure suite larry magnum *** luade as the porn fairy

  • lol awesome
  • Well, I'm certainly curious about the concept. With Stealth Inc. and this on the horizon, it's great to see the turn-based genre flexing its muscles again. Maybe we'll see a new Desperados at this rate?
  • Ron Jeremy kind of looks like Gene Simmons in that thumbnail.
  • Mod
    "Guy's, i can't touch that." Lol
  • I see that man every Sunday, for brunch! 100%true. More often than not surrounded by aspiring adult actors. Real easy to talk to, smart guy, not a snappy dresser. - - oh the video game, yeah that's cool.

  • lol at half-measures

  • Ron Jeremy is awesome