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Crimson Dragon

Our First Flight With Xbox One's Crimson Dragon

Fans of Panzer Dragoon should be looking forward to the Xbox One’s launch, as it will also mark the release of the spiritual successor to the dragon-riding series. With creator Yukio Futatsugi and composer Saori Kobayashi on board, it should have no trouble bringing back fond memories for those that enjoyed the previous titles.

I had a chance to play a training level and a standard mission, and enjoyed them despite not having experience with the Panzer Dragoon series. While most of the game is set on rails, some sections will open up and allow for 360-degree control of your dragon. Many of my enemies consisted of small swarms of jellyfish-like creatures, although I was confronted with numerous eels and dragons that were significantly larger. No matter the size, my method of attack involved sweeping a reticle over the enemies (or in the case of larger ones, specific attack points) and releasing a volley of homing projectiles towards them.

As you progress through the story, your dragon can level up and learn a variety of new skills. In addition to the standard homing attack, I was able to equip a large explosive projectile that took a long time to recharge in exchange for its devastating firepower.

When it launches with Xbox One, it will come complete with three-player co-op over Xbox Live. My time with the demo didn’t make it a guaranteed purchase for me, but I had enough fun with Crimson Dragon to make me interested in trying out more once it releases.

  • I'm definitely excited to get my hands on Crimson Dragon. I enjoyed Panzer Dragoon immensely, so I really hope this lives up to that series.

  • This game is looking great! Also, Dan: you need to check out Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei. Spend some time with it. Its got some great arcade-style action and a good amount of depth. Easily one of the best Saturn games! And lets not forget Smilebit's Panzer Dragoon Orta for the original Xbox. Also great (and backwards compatible on 360!).
  • Love the series. Just hope there's English voice acting in this one.
  • Love the series. Just hope there's English voice acting in this one.

  • Hmmm.... this may end up being that pesky impulse purchase.  I did play Zwei and Saga on Saturn and Orta on Xbox and enjoyed them.

    Plus these screenshots look a lot better than the ones I've seen in GI magazine.

  • Sounds cooler than Ryse. Poor Crytek, they try so hard.

  • The launch title I'm most interested in for sure.

  • this game reminds me of L.I.A.R., the PS3 launch title. lol!

  • I bought my Xbox 1 for Panzer Dragoon Orta (and Jet Set Radio Future & Gunvalkyrie). I'm not buying an XBone, but I'm glad to see this arrive at launch for the 3 or 4 Xbox fans who aren't buying into the myriad shooters, cartoonishly violent action games and/or motion sports' titles that make up Microsoft's gaming landscape.