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Crimson Dragon

Panzer Dragoon Spiritual Successor Gets A Reveal Trailer

During Microsoft’s press conference this morning, Crimson Dragon was revealed to be an Xbox One exclusive. Now we have the E3 trailer for the upcoming shooter.

The video below shows off gameplay for the spiritual successor to the Sega Saturn classic Panzer Dragoon. Designer Yukio Futatsugi, who worked on the original Saturn game, is helping develop Crimson Dragon as well. 

The game was previously announced as a Kinect game for Xbox 360, but now it will use the upgraded Kinect peripheral that comes with every Xbox One console. 

Check out the screens after the story to see what kind of larger-than-life enemies you’ll be facing on dragonback when the game releases. 

Visit our E3 Headquarters for all the news from the show. 

  • Too bad it didn't sound like anything.
  • At least the trailer has sound this time around.
  • Wow!!! The game that had no sound!!! I guess they were Xboned.

  • This game looks awesome, this is also IMO a great sign of Microsoft branching out into other IPs instead of relying on Halo and Gears.

    Side Note: ..really people? Still with the audio? Big deal... audios on this trailer, your comments were never funny :|.
  • Looks very interesting. I'll have to try this, I love dragons and the first was fun, so why not this?

  • This is honestly one of the reasons I'm even considering an X1. Orta was so, so good!
  • I was disinterested in a rail shooter to begin with. I'm even less interested in a kinect title.

  • i love panzer dragoon and own 'em all. i will get this.

  • I was on board until I heard Kinect. No thanks.
  • Holy hell this looks amazing. I've been following this for a while (because Panzer Dragoon is incredible) and it's been looking better every time it's been shown, but this trailer really drives home how stunning the game looks. Those creature designs are just wonderful and I hope everyone at Grounding Inc gets the praise they deserve.

    Even though I don't support most of what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One, I do have to say that I'm glad it's been focused on the new platform. As it was the game felt like it was doomed to an obscure Kinect XBLA niche, and the fact that the Xbox One comes with a Kinect makes me hopeful that this game will find an audience. :)

  • It looks great, but I'm not a fan of Kinect.

  • Looks great.  Orta was an incredible game and I'm very intrigued.

    But yes, sound during the conference would've made this reveal WAY BETTER.

  • This doesn't look like a next gen kind of game.

  • Looks fine, but I'm just not a fan of shooters on rails. I imagine this is more like fanservice to those who found the original compelling.

  • Yeah, it kind of does- you're right.

  • That is a good thing!

  • Looks good and sounds good