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  • Blog Post: Crimson Alliance Review: Top Notch Co-Op Seals The Deal

    Fantasy-themed action/RPGs trace a pretty standard formula. It involves monsters, loot, twisty corridors, and character upgrades. Even so, there’s a big difference between a great dungeon crawler and a mediocre one. Small features like ease of interface, distinct character classes, and smart level... More
  • Blog Post: Crimson Alliance Has A Pricing Plan For Every Type Of Player

    I've been personally excited for Crimson Alliance ever since first playing it at E3 2011 . Now only a couple weeks from release, we have exclusive details on the unique pricing options Microsoft and developer Certain Affinity are offering with this Xbox Live Arcade hack-n-slash. Crimson Alliance... More
  • Blog Post: Preview Theater: Crimson Alliance

    Reiner and Miller take the new action/RPG for a spin. Come along for the ride in our extended hands-on commentary video. There have been some great titles in this year's XBLA Summer of Arcade. As we look ahead past August and the end of the big promotion, September's downloadable lineup is already... More
  • Blog Post: Take Another Look At Crimson Alliance

    New screens show off the cooperative fun coming this fall to the XBLA action/RPG. It may not be part of this year's Summer of Arcade, but Crimson Alliance is still getting some big attention. Part of the reason for that is no doubt the special offer connected to the game; buy all five Summer of Arcade... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Latest Crimson Alliance Trailer

    Learn more about the mercenary character Gnox in this new Crimson Alliance trailer. One of three playable characters, Gnox was considered "bad mojo" by others so he went into business for himself. Apparently, he was given the choice to go to jail for a poker scam or head out on this mission... More
  • Blog Post: Crimson Alliance Screens Show Off 4-Player Co-op

    Looking for the perfect 4-player co-op title to play this summer? Fans of Gauntlet and Diablo have a lot to look forward to with Crimson Alliance. Certain Affinity’s upcoming Action/RPG for Xbox Live will let up to four players level up three character classes in their pursuit to dismantle the... More
  • Blog Post: Crimson Alliance Brings 4-Player Co-Op To XBLA

    The debut gameplay trailer shows off how this hack and slash action/RPG will look on your screen later this summer. Fans of Gauntlet and Diablo have a new game to follow. Crimson Alliance is an upcoming 4-player cooperative (online or offline) game being developed by Certain Affinity for release on XBLA... More
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