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Crimson Alliance

Watch The Latest Crimson Alliance Trailer

Learn more about the mercenary character Gnox in this new Crimson Alliance trailer.

One of three playable characters, Gnox was considered "bad mojo" by others so he went into business for himself. Apparently, he was given the choice to go to jail for a poker scam or head out on this mission.

Remember, Crimson Alliance is the game you get for free if you buy all of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade titles.

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  • This game looks like a good game to play with a few friends and apparently by myself as well. Looking forward for it to come out.
  • This Summer of Arcade looks just awesome. I just finished the demo of Bastion and that is already a must buy.
  • Summer of acrcade is awesome.

  • Oh sw33t! Diabloh 3s, FINEALLIEZ!! :D
  • I think I might have to pick this one up with my friends.

  • Looking forward to playing this one when its released. Looks awesome.

  • What I loathe is one of those games is a Kinect game. Which I do not have.

  • I don't like the way they've got the special offer set up this year, gotta buy all 5 for a set free one... before wasn't it like... just buy 3 or 4 and you get 1200 points to do whatever you want with? Anyway, on topic of the game - I'm liking what I see. Yes please.
  • Who the hell buys all the games? That's like a million dollars.
  • Interesting.

  • Looks pretty good, but you totally summed up the video before it even started.