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Crimson Alliance

Crimson Alliance Screens Show Off 4-Player Co-op

Looking for the perfect 4-player co-op title to play this summer? Fans of Gauntlet and Diablo have a lot to look forward to with Crimson Alliance.

Certain Affinity’s upcoming Action/RPG for Xbox Live will let up to four players level up three character classes in their pursuit to dismantle the sinister Cult of the Soul Siren. Players will be able to crowd around a single system or play together over Xbox Live.  The world of Crimson is brimming with labyrinthine crypts, ruined cities, deadly traps and hidden treasures. Check out the newest batch of screens below.

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  • Well, at least it's colorful.

    I've never heard of the developer, but some quick research revealed that they have some experience making DLC multiplayer maps for games like Halo 2 and CoD; World at War.

    Additionally, they state on their website that they will be involved in the Halo: Combat Evolved remake that's in the works.

    It looks like they've released one finished project of their own since, called Age of Booty. I admit I've never heard of that either.

    So they're fairly new. Let's see what they can do.
  • I will probably have to pass on this one.  My internet is 3G wireless so needless to say I cannot play online.  Unless this game has a good single player experience, I'll have to save it for another day.

  • I'm sorry Crimson Alliance, Torchlight 2 has multiplayer too.
  • i only see 2 characters... am i blind or something???

  • hmmm.....

  • Up to four players but only three classes? Sounds slightly strange to me.

  • Seems like it could be a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of the Gauntlet style games with the Diablo style loot and treasure. Should be enough to hold me over until Torchlight 2 on consoles, which might be a year or more. Le sigh.

  • As long as there is much loot to be found and unique weapons then you can count me in!  Graphics aren't that impressive but gameplay mechanics and story can make up for that if they try hard enough.

  • MS said that if us playes buy all the summer of arcade games they give us free this game. and by the looks i see this game mehhh is not worth it. they should give us like the last summer of arcade buy all the games and refund us ms points.
  • I'm still unable to tell if this is leaning more toward Gauntlet, or Diablo in terms of character loot/progression. I dearly hope for the latter.

  • matchmaking?