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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trophy Guide Part 1

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trophy Guide Part 1

This may be a little late with Counter Strike Global Offense being out for about a month but I think the game deserves a trophy guide. To start of most of the trophies will be obtainable just by playing a couple of hours into the game. But others such as rampage are quite difficult to obtain.

Shot With Their Pants Down: For this one you just have to kill someone as they are reloading. You should be able to attain this just by playing a couple of rounds of arms race.

Make The Cut:  Kill an enemy with their knife drawn. The easiest way to do this is to ask a friend to help out 

Eye to Eye:  To get this trophy you have to zoom in with a sniper and kill an enemy who also has their scoped zoomed in. Like make the cut this is easy with a friend

Bunny Hunt:  Kill an enemy as they are jumping. You have to ill them before they touch the ground. If you play some arms race on baggage you can clip people falling of from the walkway between the two "Bases"

Magic Bullet:  Kill an enemy with the bullet in the magazine ( exluding  sniper rifles and the zeus x27 ) This one is easily obtained by playing some arms race.

Blast Will and Testament: Win a round by plating a bomb taken from a fallen comrade. You have to play defuse to get this. Just follow the terrorist with the bomb and pick it up when he dies. If you start out with the bomb press the bottom D-pad button to drop it.

Blind Fury: Kill an enemy while blinded by a flash bang. Just play a few rounds and you will get this easy.

The Unstoppable Force: Kill four enemies in a round. To get this play offline with bots on your favorite map. ( Must be on easy or higher to get trophy )

The Cleaner: Kill the entire enemy team. Same deal as The Unstoppable Force. Just play offline with bots for a while. 

Dead Shepard: Kill an enemy who is leading the hostages. Start a game in classic mode and play as terrorist. Wait for an enemy to lead the hostages and take him out without harming the hostages