I had never played a counter strike before. It really didn't attract me cause no story. Soon, it became to late, and I couldn't try them out. Now, seeing it has a remake, I thought I give it a shot.  It turns out I had a blast. Counter strike were one of the first games to exceed in multiplayer, and global offensive proves it.

 The graphics are good. Nothing amazing. The game uses the styles except in a HD version that they used back then. Not saying they sucks, but I wouln't descibe them gorgeous. Plus the music does connect with the gameplay quite well. The controls do take a little bit to get used to. A little different, but nothing to much.

 The multiplayer is the reason you buy this game, and don't worry. It's very fun. Of course, you have your Classic casual and competitve mode(Each contain Defuse and Hostage mission). Then you also have Arms Race, Demolition, and Deathmatch. Of course, if you want to be a loner, you can always play offline with bots which has these modes to. The AI are ok. They can give you a challenge, but quite a few times I see a enemy see me, they stand there 5-10 seconds, and then try to shoot. Of course, you should try to shoot them for easy kills. If you want to get familiar with CS:GO weapons and controls, you can go to the Weapons course and practice.

 Overall, Counter strike Global offensive is a really fun multiplayer game that is worth a try. Of course, compared to shooters out there now, this doesn't even compare to them, but does have a really fun multiplayer. So if you're a multiplayer guy, or someone looking for a good multiplayer. Then counter strike is for you. If you like story more, or don't like multiplayer, then just don't try it. That's why I give Counter Strike: Global Offensive a 

8.75 out of 10