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More Details Emerge For Valve's Downloadable Shooter

Valve dropped a bunch of knowledge on Kotaku's Stephen Totilo, going into details on the team's goals for the upcoming PlayStation Network/Xbox Live Arcade/PC/Mac version of the classic shooter. In short, Counter-Strike: GO is a slight update to CS: Source with an emphasis on inviting new players while giving hardcore veterans what they want.

Global Offensive aims to bring Counter-Strike's core five-on-five lethal gameplay to new audiences. Some maps have been tweaked, like the notoriously imbalanced Dust and Aztec. Valve added a few new weapons and a "casual" mode that removes the in-game cash requirement for setting up your loadout between rounds. Other than that, this title is the Counter-Strike you know and love with modern matchmaking and community support.

One amusing tidbit: Xbox 360 players will have their own matchmaking pool, while PC/Mac/PS3 players will share a separate one. On the plus side, you can plug in a keyboard and mouse to your PS3 so that you aren't at a brutal disadvantage against PC/Mac players.

Read Totilo's full article for a bunch of interesting tidbits from Valve's Chet Faliszek and Ido Magal, including what they think about CS:GO's potential as an eSport ("If it happens, that's nice"), why dying in CS isn't bulls--- ("You died because you made the wrong choice), and why Valve decided to do another quasi-remake of Counter-Strike in the first place ("We got excited").

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is scheduled to come out for PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 early next year.

  • Mac is going to be killed because of lack of 3rd party mouses, and PS3 is going to be killed because Mouse and key>Controller.
  • This is alot better than cod
  • I might get it for all three!

  • Ps3 with K/M support? Good that means I'll be able to truly enjoy playing this with all my dislike of the Dualshock for shooters being a non-issue.

    If I don't get a proper gaming PC by the time this hits. I'm all in for buying this on my Ps3.
  • CS was my all time favorite game I would love to get this next installment but I am having trouble deciding if I should buy the PS3 version (as i hate playing shooters on PS3 for some reason) but if it comes with a code to download on my PC then that might be the best route. Or the xbox version since I enjoy the controller more and have a larger friend pool on live than PSN, plus I like lounging on my couch

    side note though I really hope they push the competitive aspect of the game with sponsored tourneys as that is what made CS so enjoyable in the past for me not the pubs

  • To bad the graphics are from 2005.
  • I can't wait, but I think Valve needs a new engine. I mean just a couple of days ago I was playing G mod, only to be constatly annoyed by the objects I am about to place just start spiraling into space. I think the source engine is fun, but it's starting to show its wear.
  • I wonder if they would give away a Steam copy free when buying the PS3 version since I have my PSN linked. That would be pretty sweet.
  • Hellz YA!!

  • Bring. It. On.

  • "Mac is going to be killed because of lack of 3rd party mouses, and PS3 is going to be killed because Mouse and key>Controller."

    LOL? Most computer mice are plug & play and all Razer gaming mice have Mac drivers.

  • I don't even care anymore about reading details. If Valve's name is stuck somewhere on the box, then you might as well give it a GOTY candidacy.
  • I'm looking forward to this game since this will be the first CS game I play, and it looks to be really good. And once again Microsoft is being stubborn, seeing as how 360 players are separated from the rest of the CS: GO community.
  • If it's using a new engine, then HL3 is on it's way, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Getting it for steam, sorry Xbox but that's just not cool.
  • What was the last new game released by Valve, one that isn't an updated version of something that's already out? (honest question)
  • xbox users can't play with the pc/mac community? That just screams stupid.

  • If Xbox 360 can't play with PC, then I'll get it for the PC.

  • For sure going to get this when it comes out for the 360!  Loved playing the original and source, actually I still am playing source.

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