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  • Blog Post: In a World of Pure Imagination

    Step into the realm of a child’s imagination on Halloween, where you battle monsters as often as you get candy. This fateful night, your parents are making you trick-or-treat with your twin, much to your chagrin. You have an awesome robot costume while your sibling is dressed as a lame candy corn... More
  • Blog Post: A solid fun game that will get you in the halloween spirit

    I saw this game at gamestop and it looked so cute I just had to try it out. Im glad I didnt see the critics revvews becuase for once they were wrong about a gome. Costume Quest isnt some revelotionary great game lik modern warfare but its a good game that is worth playing. Especially at a small price... More
  • Blog Post: not so much a review... (sorry joe)

    Didn't notice the police call boxes huh Joe? Did you play this game in a rush, late one night, bored and angry cause you had nothing better to do? So, there are these police call boxes in the game, with glowing, and dancing, little blue floppy discs. (Remember floppy discs? you could use them to... More
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