I saw this game  at gamestop and it looked so cute I just had to try it out. Im glad I didnt see the critics revvews becuase for once they were wrong about a gome. Costume Quest isnt some revelotionary great game lik modern warfare but its a good game that is worth playing. Especially at a small price of 15 dollars.

      One thing I didnt like about the game is that it can get repetitive I found myself doing the same thing at each of the 3 locations that you can warp to after you discover. THe good thing is that there is plenty of quests to accomplish and lots stuffed into the cramped but buetiful locations. I was bobbing apples finding rare cards and entireing costume contests.  

      The battles are simple with a special attack a regualar attack and battle stamps that you can buy at a station set at eahc of the three locations. Wants you execute your attack you have to preform a quick timed buttun press or repeated pressses but this adds and element to the battles. You also have alot of stratagey to what enemy you attack first because if you attack healers last you are sure to lose.

      Lastly the presentation and story in this game are buitiful the art style goes along with the story of the monsters taking you brother or sister(since you are able to choose who to play in the beggining) and you constantly having to find them.

     Overall I think that anybody that has any time on there hands should play costume quest. THe battles are fun the story is fun and my only critism is that the game can get repetitive and the save system is highly flawed but dosent hirt the esperience to much.