Didn't notice the police call boxes huh Joe?         

Did you play this game in a rush, late one night, bored and angry cause you had nothing better to do?

So, there are these police call boxes in the game, with glowing, and dancing, little blue floppy discs. (Remember floppy discs? you could use them to save files on your com-pu-ter) These floppy discs would indicate where you can save your game.  Just walk up to the call box and press X. or A. the kids will call the cops and all your progress (even leveling up!) will be saved!

I demand a re-review under a less harsh light! Joe was clearly in a bad mood when playing this and he is not a halloween lover and... and...

aww heck. I think this game is fun.  It is a stupid, shallow RPG. But that is how I like my RPGs. I don't want to have to worry about all the different spells i could be using. I just wanna get through the story and see some stuff blow up. The RPG elements are fun in a paper Mario sort of way.  The only focus is on the button prompts to augment how much damage you take/receive.

I would only take points off of this game because the dialog isn't spoken, and the combat is a little shallow. But there is still fun to be had with this game.