The official GameInformer review makes plenty of valid points about this game, not the least of which is the ill-conceived save system, but disregarding this game on the whole, I believe, would be a mistake. Now, I need to be upfront that this game is more or less tailor-made for me. I did not get a whole lot of opportunity to celebrate Halloween as a kid, but it was always my favourite. This game essentially allows me to enjoy that day without the need for a time machine or making me sit through a corny kid's animated Halloween movie, which I do plenty of around this time of the year.

The writing is decent, functioning on a more kid-friendly level, but once again the save system almost wards kids off. Any player who does not carefully monitor their auto-saves is likely to lose a chunk of play. The combat, while not especially engrossing, is quick enough not to really bother me. For me, it's not why I am playing the game. The art direction is fun, as well as things like the costumes, candy collection, and fun quests. 

Ultimately, I can't recommend this for everyone, but I can recommend it for some. If you feel like you could potentially enjoy it, at least check out the demo. I did, and I'm happy with my decision.