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Puzzle Platformer Contrast Debuts With Shadowy Trailer

This just-announced title channels an Art Deco vibe from the last century while it intrigues us with what appear to be animated shadows that the player can interact and merge with.

Contrast, from independent Montreal studio Compulsion Games, challenges players to solve its puzzles by jumping between the physical three-dimensional world and the shadows themselves. The story, which we don't know much about yet, is being teased as an exploration of memories that don't belong to the protagonist.

The gameplay looks not dissimilar to last year's Lost in Shadow for Wii, though Contrast appears to take place partially in 3D environments as opposed to that title's strict 2D perspective. Regardless, this trailer has enough going on that I'll keep at least half an eye on the game. Contrast is being developed with all HD platforms in mind, though it doesn't have a publisher quite yet, so formal platform announcements will have to wait.

  • I think this might be this years limbo, it looks artistic and fun, and i will probably buy it day 1.
  • bye
  • Looks very interesting. I'll definitely keep my eye on this.

  • Dang that was a pretty cool trailer.

  • gives off a bioshock-esque environment and vibe...very intriguing

  • Impressive. Most impressive.

  • Not enough good platformers, glad to see some people still make them.

  • I'm really loving the atmosphere in this. Can't wait to pick it up.
  • Looks pretty good, I'll keep watch for more info.

  • As artsy and as interesting as it looks, I will be a bit turned off if it's $15 like most all other downloadable platformers. The last one I bought at full price was Limbo, and I loved it, but felt that it coulda been a bit longer for what I payed.

  • Wow! I think it looks like a great intro

  • I'll definitely be keeping my eye on Contrast.

  • Did anyone else notice that the piano player was missing a bench?

  • Mod

    Looks really promising. I want to see how it all plays out just from the preview. Lol

  • Mod

    seems pretty sweet. looking forward to more on it.

  • There was a Wii game that came out a year or two ago just like this. But in a Medieval setting.

  • This looks interesting. Although, from a gameplay perspective, it's not that intriguing.

  • looks great.

  • Looks like Sideways New York a bit too, in addition to Lost in Shadows. Not at all a bad thing - besides, this game has style and atmosphere to spare. Looks promising; I hope it finds a publisher

  • This game looks incredible.

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