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The Creator Of Skrillex Quest Returns With Continue?9876543210

In 2012, Jason Oda teamed up with Skrillex to release Skrillex Quest, a free browser game. Oda is back with a new game called Continue?9876543210, which explores the fate of a defeated video game character.

The game was part of Steam's Greenlight program and is available now on Steam at a 20% discount. You can check out the trailer below to see the game, which recalls elements of Minecraft and Sword & Sworcery. The description for the game on Steam reads, "Continue? is an existential metaphor that explores the finite nature of existence and the beauty and tyranny of our desires within it." The description also openly describes the game as being "weird".

Thanks to Jim Ellis for the news tip!

[Source: Steam, via Polygon]

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  • That description makes this sound like the best game ever.

  • Heard about this on Indiestatik not too long ago. It sounds weird. I demand a Test Chamber. You guys should TC some more indie games in 2014 - that's a worthy New Year's Resolution. Indie games are becoming a bigger part of the gaming landscape after all. And once the Steam Machines release, they'll be hitting our living rooms, fighting games like Super Mario 3D World and Killzone Shadow Fall for attention & money. You guys GOT to find a better way to cover 'em, and Test Chambers are probably a good fit.

  • Just like swords and sorcery, I bet this is one of those games that leaves you nostalgic. These are the true testaments to the gaming culture, especially when it's very simple, and yet breathtaking enough to warrant a smile or fond memory of a former game....

  • This game seems really interesting. The idea of a video game purgatory is amazing, and I love the fact that, as they mentioned on the steam page, "There is, ultimately, no way to escape the garbage collector."

    Too bad my crumby laptop can't run this game. >.< Wish I had the money for a decent PC...

  • Mod

    I'll pass. The launch trailer makes the game seem awfully shallow. Too serious and melodramatic, like it's trying to beat you over the head with how deep and meaningful it thinks it is (or wants to be).

    Like, just look at that description. "An existential metaphor that explores the finite nature of existence?" That's kind of implied by the word "existential", guys.

  • idk why but this looks intresting

  • Well I know what game I'm adding to my wishlist.

  • Deep. Or something.

  • What is this, a game for hipsters? I played the first one for 5 minutes before quitting because it was a shameless Zelda clone with no gameplay and I'm sure this one will be even worse.
  • I messed around with his first game since it was free, I won't be paying for something similar.