First thing first I disagree with the original editor of the game.

Conduit 2 may be short but it is an exhilirating ride that takes you throughout the world.

Now the multiplayer is the Wii's best. It has all the options one would expect to get from a standard fps but it contains a blanketing progression system that crosses over the singleplayer facets and multiplayer facets of the game.

its may be inferior to certain PS3/360 options, but I feel that the controls more than make up for it. The controls are the best I've used short of a good keyboard/mouse set up. But thats my personal bias there is dual analog options but i dont like them. Thats because the sticks feel too loose and the game seems to be tailored to the motion control option. Using WiiMotion+ adds such a great layer to the whole shebang if you will. It adds near pinpoint precision and makes for easer targeting.

I apologize to the people who read the first publication of this article of mine. I was young and stupid. Still am, but at least I have the stones to admit it.

Signing Off, Skai76