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Better than they say

Being an owner of black ops, and halo, i reserved this game before i got an xbox, and i thought it would be bad compared to those 2 games. However, i thought it was a good game. i think GI is a little bias to 360/ps3 games. this isnt as bad as they say. if you own a wii, get this game. you will be amazed.

  • I will and they do seem to like PS3/360 a lot better

  • I wouldn't say there biased, they state their opinons, we all have them, like say about Final Fantasty, I'm not to fond of them, but alot of people love them.

  • It seems like just about everyone in the industry is biased against the Wii, so when a game that shines through all the shovelware arrives, like Conduit 2, they automatically write it off.  Instead of reviewing it based on its own merits, and how it operates within the confines of the Wii technology, they immediately compare it to titles like Halo Reach and CoD.