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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Two New Meet Videos

Atlus usually only introduces us to one heroine in Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars at a time, but today it released two new videos in its Meet series. We got videos for the star-eyed Ellie and the super-genius Chloe.

Ellie is a fan-favorite in the office, according to the press release, due to her cheeriness and high magic attack stat. Her weapon of choice is a summoning gun that is used to devastate enemies with magic damage. 

The other heroine featured today was Chloe, the highly intelligent older sister of your best friend, Chlotz. Chloe works as an instructor at the academy, despite only being a year older than your character, and relies on a remote turret during fights.

The demo for Conception II will be available March 25, and the full release comes out April 15 on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita for $39.99. It will also release later in Europe as a digital download. You can find a summary of each of the heroines in Conception II here.

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  • Who conceived this one? *chuckles at his own joke*
  • You would have thought Ellie's voice to be higher-pitched. It isn't, thank God.

    Haha, Clotz. That's all I can take from this. Chloe is gratuitous.

  • This game still looks hilariously awesome. Can't wait to buy it

  • I saw the amount of damage that can be done and now I am hooked

  • classmating...your....teacher/instructor...

    well played atlus. XD

  • I think Chloe is my favorite one so far.

  • what is this game even about? you basically have to get a harem of girls together, to fight enemies, or is it a dating simulator game that japan has a ton of? Someone please explain i am not bashing the game, it just seems a bi out there, and i want to know if i would feel extremely awkward playing this lol.