I have yet to play Company of Heroes 1 or Opposing fronts. While i own them both I was curious if it be any good to get CoH 2 and not worry about playing CoH 1 or Opposing Fronts. After this review it sounds like it's not even worth any of my money. A single play has to be at least descent for me to even consider a game. As bad as they say the single player is I wont even touch it. I've been watching some multiplayer footage from YouTuber Krebs and SideStrafe. They've both mentioned that a downfall to the multiplayer is that there's no dedicated servers. When people have their game on high -max settings they have constant lag in the game and have to quit. Making the 4v4 matches un playable and very hard to ever get started in 1v1 match since so many people are able to have their game on max settings due to its low PC spec requirements.

Another point the review made is that I cant rebind my keys. That's unacceptable on PC. While its more tolerabel on console. Custom key-bindings is like the Unwritten law of PC gaming. 

So, my verdict is to stick with CoH 1 and Opposing Fronts. I have yet to play a RTS game. I tried to play Opposing Fronts and got bored just going through the Tutorial to learn how to play the game. So i have to give it a second chance. But I just got done DLing it and plan on just playing the game and learn it by trial and error. 


CoH 2 looks good in the videos but with this kind of review and it's pretty much the same type of review throughout most sites I'll probably never get CoH 2 RTS have never been my thing nor have i ever played them.