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Company of Heroes 2

Developer Diary Covers Details Of Single Player Campaign

In the latest developer diary for Company of Heroes 2, more details for the single player campaign are revealed. 

Game director Quinn Duffy says that part of the goal of the real time strategy game is to "Portray the horror and terror of World War II in a way that is sensitive, but unflinching."

To help achieve a more realistically gritty feel, Relic Entertainment used journals of actual soldiers of the time period for reference. Watch the video below for more information and be sure to check out the newly extended beta before June 23.

Curious about the multiplayer experience? We've got you covered.

Relive the battles of the Eastern Front on June 25, exclusively on PC. Keep alert, our review of Company of Heroes 2 will be live shortly.

  • i'm guessing people are super excited for this game. there is a name for people who don't like these kind of games... young people.
  • Not a big PC player, but I admire such dedication from game developers, especially being a lover of history. Good for Sega to try to break out of the Hedgehog formula. Maybe Captain America gave them just a bit of motivation with this project.
  • I really appreciate Sega for keeping niche( I wouldn't use that word though) titles alive. Im pumped for Rome 2 as well.

  • so many RTSs this year, I can't wish for more.

  • Honestly, I'm just interesting in anything about this game right now. It gets better with each passing day it seems.

  • I'm really excited for this game.

  • Every time I hear another game like this I hope it comes to consoles, and every time I'm disappointed. I'm still excited for it though