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Company of Heroes 2

Heroes And Carnage On The Battlefield

This RTS from Relic Entertainment focuses on the Eastern front of World War II, and the latest screens give you an idea of how the conflict will look as you plan your tactics and manage your resources.

Don't let the setting put you off; even though developers have been making WWII games for years, this brutal look at the Red Army during the war improves on many features from the first Company of Heroes. Plus, it's being guided by the skilled hands at Relic Entertainment.

Company of Heroes 2 is currently slated for an early 2013 release.

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  • I want this soo bad.

  • Looks great, can't wait for it.

  • Havent played a ww2 game in a while, ill check this out

  • Man I hope my pc could play this. Looks awesome.

  • Looks amazing, although i think im actually most excited for the snow forts

  • YES!! Another WW2 game. I will buy this for sure!

  • Company of Heroes 2: Igloo Warfare. Play as a Russian soldier just trying to protect his family in his lonely igloo. Fend off against the Nazi invaders with your friends. Use igloo tactics to prevail over your enemies. Protect the motherland using advanced igloo technology. Use snowballs, penguins, ice cubes, and other innovative weapons at your disposal. Help your comrades defend the Motherland. A full destruction system allows you to watch your enemy igloos fall to the ground in a flurry of snow. LOL I know it was dumb but it came upon my head. I just wonder what they could do here that they couldn't do with all the other Company of Heroes games. I think it would do them the better if they changed up the setting a lil' bit.
  • Looks interesting, but I want to see some gameplay.
  • This setting looks awesome, and brutality is actually what made COD: WaW awesome.  Hope this game is great and lives up to the first one.

  • ''developers have been making ww2 games for years''

    haha, nice joke. how I miss good (or any) ww2 games.
  • What consoles is it coming to?

    I read it again. Is it just pc?
  • I'll give this a try

  • They have “Eastern Front” mod for company of heroes… hmmmm I hope the campaign will be worth whatever their charging, still looking forward to it.
  • I think it will be fun, but it will be interesting not caring who wins or loses.

  • oh dear god! its the most beatiful game i ever seen!

  • nice!!

  • Looks like the same graphics/screens as CoH: 1.

  • Nice graphics; dk if I'm ready for another WW2 game though.