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  • Blog Post: Clockwork Empires Adds Fishmen, Stops People Exploding From Listening To Sermons

    Gaslamp Games’ take on colonization seems pretty routine on the surface. But once you dig (and unearth mysterious artifacts), you’ll find out that things are not quite as they seem. In the latest update, a touch of Innsmouth comes to your colonial town. As you’ll see in the video below... More
  • Blog Post: Clockwork Empires Enters Steam Early Access

    Strategy title Clockwork Empires, where you you try to keep a civilization from succumbing to imminent collapse, has entered early access. You can jump into the game now for $29.99 For more on Clockwork Empires, you can find an in-depth preview here . More
  • Blog Post: Will You Create A Thriving Colony Or A Massive Disaster?

    In 2011, an indie roguelike called Dungeons of Dredmor impressed game critics and players with its wit, accessibility, and hilarious pop-culture jokes. Dredmor’s developer, Canadian indie studio Gaslamp Games, is hoping to build on the success with its next game, Clockwork Empires. The colony-building... More
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