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  • Blog Post: Still The King Of Strategy

    My love for Civilization V is enthusiastic and unapologetic. Gods & Kings is an outstanding expansion for players like me who found reasons to sink 200-plus hours into the base game. The major features it adds, religion and espionage, integrate smoothly into the Civ V experience and add interesting... More
  • Blog Post: A Final Tour Of Civilization V: Gods & Kings

    Today developer Firaxis and 2K Games released the last Civilization V: Gods & Kings developer diary which goes more into depth with the expansion pack's gameplay systems. Take a look at the video below in which producer Dennis Shirk and lead designer Ed Beach discuss the game's naval, religion... More
  • Blog Post: An Audience With The Gods & Kings Of Civ V's Expansion

    A new video diary from Civilization V: Gods & Kings expansion pack developer Firaxis talks about the games' new religion system, civilizations, and more. The extensive video featuring producer Dennis Shirk and lead designer Ed Beach walk through a plethora of info about the expansion pack and... More
  • Blog Post: Civilization V Finds Religion In New Expansion Pack

    For the first expansion to its well-reviewed turn-based strategy game, Firaxis is adding many of the things Civ fans normally expect from extended content -- including 27 new units, 14 new buildings, and 9 new civilizations (including the Celts, Mayans, Byzantines, Dutch, and Carthaginians). But the... More
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