True expansions are becoming a rare commodity, often replaced with cash-grabbing costume packs than real content. The strategy genre, unlike most others, still welcomes the kind of add-on that lifts the entire experience to new heights. Leading the charge is Firaxis, which has a special way of iterating and innovating.

Civilization V as a standalone product is adored by strategy fans. The Gods and Kings expansion re-introduced religion and espionage to create new opportunities for players to dominate the globe. The second (and likely final) expansion, Brave New World, is designed extend some of the wonder and exploration of the early game through the later eras.

Additionally, culture and tourism see a significant overhaul, as we detailed in a recent preview. We also spoke with members of the team on this week's GI Show. Our review of Civilization V: Brave New World is underway, and you'll be able to pick it up for yourself on July 9, 2013, for PC and Mac.