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As a first time Civilizations player I was completely blown away by the depth and strategy involved and after logging over 35 hours have played one game.  The game requires many hours for even a small map to be conquered and have yet to diplomatically achieve victory. I find that even after all this time there are still many aspects of the game I do not understand and at the mercy of while playing but, I love it.

I did not give it a 10 because I found the A.I. civilizations were extremely useless and very aggressive. I found the diplomatic approach useless because you quickly run out of land to improve and buying it tile by tile is impossibly slow making invasion the most feasible option.  

To everyone who enjoys building a magnificent Starcraft base with impenetrable defenses this is the game for you. If you like sending you rush early and don’t have the patience or time to spend 10+ hours on a single map you might want to pass this one up but, keep it windowed in the background for a couple days and take your time. This game is amazing.