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Civilization Revolution 2

Launch Trailer Reveals New Features And Gameplay

Just days before some of us celebrate America’s own revolution, 2K has released Civilization Revolution 2. Despite the original releasing on consoles first with mobile ports coming later, Revolution 2 is an iOS exclusive.

The trailer below shows off some of the turn-based strategy gameplay and upgrades coming exclusively to this version. Revolution 2 features new units, technologies, buildings, and wonders, as well as updated visuals.

The original Revolution game was designed to be a simpler turn-based strategy title built for consoles, and this sequel appears to follow in the same footsteps. For those looking for a more robust turn-based experience, keep an eye on Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth which takes the winning formula into space.

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 hits the iOS app store today for $14.99.

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  • really enjoyed the first one. great game to just relax and play through. kinda wish this was on consoles too. maybe someday!

  • Hopefully they make another Civ game for the consoles. I played the hell out of Civ Revolution on the 360. I'd love another one on the new consoles. I wouldn't mind if they made it a little bit more like the PC versions as well. I played Civ III a lot and just recently bought Civ IV again on the Steam Summer Sale and have been playing it for hours on end.
  • I'll probably pick this one up when it goes on sale. But JFK really?
  • We need one for the consoles again like for xboxone and ps4. The first was really fun.
  • We need one for the consoles again like for xboxone and ps4. The first was really fun.
  • Who cares. Building a Civilization on Earth is so Yesterday. We are going BEYOND EARTH!!!!
  • the first one was an awesome handheld game. i played it a lot on my ds at the time. i don't have an iphone, and i wouldn't pay 15 for this though. oh well haha

  • Of course its an ios exxlusive. *** apple

  • Another cheap knockoff of the core Civ series. Sid Meier should go back to making PC exclusives.