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  • Blog Post: This Is How Your Civilization: Beyond Earth Journey To The Stars Begins

    Before you land on an alien world and begin building your new home, you’ll be welcomed to Civilization: Beyond Earth by an introduction cinematic. Before you choose your leader, you’ll see the possible future spread out before you. We’re still a week away from Firaxis’ spiritual... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Turn To Watch Civilization: Beyond Earth In Action

    At first glance, Civilization: Beyond Earth might appear to be the series’ popular gameplay with an alien skin. A deeper look reveals significant changes that, while not totally abandoning Civ’s history, offer new strategies in humanity’s near future. In the video below, you’ll... More
  • Blog Post: Watch As A Distant Planet Is Colonized

    In addition to this morning’s announcement that Civilization: Beyond Earth will be arriving on October 24 , 2K Games and Firaxis are giving us a deeper look at gameplay. We told you about our E3 experience , but now you can see some what we did. In the first video, narrated by co-lead designer... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Entire PAX East Civilization: Beyond Earth Panel Here

    If you are a Civilization fan who couldn't attend PAX East last weekend, you might be upset you missed the Firaxis panel. Lead designers Dave McDonough and Will Miller were joined by producer Lena Brenk and gameplay designer Anton Strenger to discuss first details about the new title. 2K Games has... More
  • Blog Post: Civilization: Beyond Earth Announced – Here's Everything You Want To Know

    My first reaction when I heard that the next Civilization game takes players to an alien world is probably not so different than other strategy fans. "Why not just call it Alpha Centauri?" I muttered to myself. It was also the first question I asked co-lead designer Dave McDonough (who is teamed... More
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