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  • Blog Post: A Charming, Yet Repetitive Vice Presidential Campaign

    The EarthBound inspiration abounds in Citizens of Earth, a retro-style RPG from Eden Industries, but it’s much more than just a spiritual successor to one of the greatest treasures on the SNES. With a diverse cast of characters, strong combat mechanics, and some enjoyable writing, Citizens of Earth... More
  • Blog Post: Atlus' EarthBound Love Letter Delayed Again

    Citizen's of Earth, the EarthBound inspired RPG where you play as the vice president of the United States, is now coming out early next year. The game, a turn-based RPG from developer Eden Industries, follows the vice president as he builds a team of random citizens to battle some kind of threat... More
  • Blog Post: Atlus' RPG Priced, Delayed To November

    Citizens of Earth is a retro-inspired RPG in which players control the vice president of Earth and embark on crazy adventures. The game was supposed to hit in October, but Atlus recently announced a delay, putting the new release date in November...right in time for election season. For those who are... More
  • Blog Post: Complete Tasks To Recruit The Citizens Of Earth To Your Cause

    In this new trailer for Atlus' upcoming retro-inspired RPG, we get to take a look at the day in the life for the vice president you are controlling. In order to recruit citizens to your cause, you must complete tasks and missions for them. Each of the citizens you recruit have special abilities and... More
  • Blog Post: Be Vice President Of The World In Citizens Of Earth

    This retro-inspired RPG from publisher Atlus and developer Eden Industries has players saving the world through the power of delegation. As Earth's vice president, you rally people to your cause when the world goes crazy. 40 citiizens are available as allies, and as a bureaucrat, one of your skills... More
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