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Armory Strategy

Chrono Trigger

Armory Strategy

A skill I noticed when I finally fought Lavos is that he is tougher than I thought. I mean I was a level 54 and I had gotten really cocky then next thing I knew boom pang kapow!!! I was dead. So I experimented a bit with armor and weapons and accessories to see what did best. This is what I found.

1.Chrono-Rainbow-Vigilants cap-dragons armor-gold stud

2.Marle-Valkerie bow-Prismatic dress-vigilants cap-gold stud

3.Lucca-Wonder shot-Zodaiac cape-vigilants cap-gold stud

4.Frog-Masamune-Dragons armor-vigilants cap-gold stud

5.Aayla-Iron fists-saurian leathers-vigilants cap-gold stud

6.Robo-Dragons arm-Nova armor-vigilants cap-gold stud

7.Magus-All ultimate items in Ozzies fort except for accessory use gold stud


When you use these be at least a level 60 before you fight lavos, and master all of the spaells and get plaenty of supplys for the battle.

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  • THX

  • Um, you do realize that strategy involves beating the game multiple times via New Game + correct? Your 'guide' wouldn't help anyone trying to beat Lavos on their first go.

  • Not  unless you search the whole game. I never did new game+

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