Chrono Trigger is a timeless classic,released back in 1995,developed by Square and the likes of Sakaguchi(Final Fantasy creator who wrote the story for many popular Final Fantasy games),Kitase(director of the development of many Final Fantasy games),Toriyama(Dragon Ball Z artist)were involved with the development of this game.

What makes this game such a compelling experience is the way it's story is presented and what it's story is about.It begins in the year 1000 AD and the protagonist named Crono and his friend Lucca are at a carnival and they meet a girl named Marle.Marle volunteers to be teleported using some machine Lucca and her father invented but instead she is transported through time because the teleporter interacts with a pendant Marle was wearing.

Crono and Lucca go through a time portal to find Marle and discover Marle's presence in 600 AD lead to changes in the timeline(I won't say why)and time paradoxes are created and Crono,Lucca,Marle and other characters they meet go on a journey to correct these time paradoxes to restore history to normal and to also save their world from disasters.

The story might not sound like much but it's the way the story is presented that makes it a fabulous experience.You'll travel to distant regions in time,such as far in the future where much of the world is a frozen wasteland and robots and high tech stuff exist and you'll travel more than 60 000 million years into the past in a time where that's dinosaurs and you'll travel to medieval time periods which has knights and castles.

It's not just the fact you travel far into the past or future,but it's the way the group interact with people who are in the future or far in the past and the events that are happening far in the future or past that make the story interesting,the time paradoxes can create some very weird alternative timelines and I like it how when you're 65 million years in the past the human character you meet(Alya)looks,acts and talks like a primitive human.One of your party members is a talking humanoid frog from the medieval period and he talks like he is from that period too and some of your party members will consist of robots or the scientist Lucca and Marle is a cheerful character who brightens up the mood.

The story can be charming at times but at other times it can be quite serious and emotional.The story provides many different ending possibilities(including some wacky,crazy endings that relate to messed up timelines)as well as endings that are the type the player can hope for.

The story has hints of romance but personally I found the romance in the game could have been presented a bit better,especially for one of the endings,but this is the only thing about the story/game as a whole that I was a bit disappointed with,everything else for the game is great.

The battle system encourages you to experiment because besides having basic attacks,special attacks and spells(special attacks and spells are referred to 'techs' in the game)you can combine basic attacks and techs together by having multiple characters combine a basic attack/tech with your basic attack/one of your techs to make much more powerful attack and experimenting with different attack/tech combinations and finding the most effective ones can be crucial in defeating bosses.The battle system is an ATB one.

Being an old school JRPG,you'll travel a world map,travel to different towns and interact with NPCs.The fact the world and world map constantly change depending which time period you're in and how the timeline for that time period has been affect makes it feel more like an epic adventure.

There is no random battles and you can try to sneak/run past enemies which is a feature I like.

The DS version allows you to use the touch screen which makes it easier to maneuver around and easier to use the menu and the DS version has new dungeons and quests but you can play the SNES version too if you want(it's included with the DS version).

The DS version also has FMV which is a nice addition.

The visuals are charming and inside people's homes have good detail and the character designs from Toriyama look good and the visuals do a good job to provide different periods in times with very different atmospheres,for example far in the future you'll be in some frozen wasteland with high tech stuff and you'll even see computers scan the environment up close and in the medieval time period you'll be inside castles and in the present time(where you start the game)you'll experience a relaxing,carnival type atmosphere and in the past you'll see dinosaurs.Some of the environments have waterfalls or artistic views of the sun shining over the ocean in the background or beautiful mountain views from when you're high up on a mountain.There is lots of forest environments to give you the feel you're in environments with dangerous wild animals and there's dungeons of course,some of them futuristic ones with robot enemies,

I like how in the frozen wasteland you'll hear the wind blowing and for other environments you'll hear haunting music when you're traveling through the forest you'll hear music that suits the eery feeling of time paradoxes occurring or music appropriate for the theme of the environment.

Chrono Trigger is a great game,it's very well put together and even though the concept of time travel had been used many times in stories before Chrono Trigger was released,Chrono Trigger uses the concept of time travel in a very creative way and combine that traveling to vast regions in time and diverse characters from many different periods in history and add emotion and charm and a good battle s