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  • Blog Post: A Mighty Morphin’ Tactical RPG

    Few things can grab your attention like a modern revival of one of your favorite childhood brands. While Chroma Squad isn’t a licensed Power Rangers game, it doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the influence; the title screen even includes a nod to Power Rangers. When this nostalgia-laden... More
  • Blog Post: Battle With Television Stuntmen And Power Rangers Kung-Fu Next Week

    Chroma Squad, the Kickstarted tactics game starring multi-colored uniformed kung-fu stuntmen, releases next week. After being available to Kickstarter backers in beta form for some time, the game officially releases on Thursday, April 30. In the game, players manage an indie Japanese superhero TV studio... More
  • Blog Post: 30 Minute Video Walks Through Chroma Squad Gameplay

    In a new long-form video, Behold Studios walks through some gameplay of Chroma Squad, its Japanese super-hero television inspired strategy game. In Chroma Squad, players manage a production studio that creates television shows of the Sentai genre, which defines shows like Power Rangers . You'll direct... More
  • Blog Post: Live Out Your Japanese Super-Hero Fantasy

    Just mentioning Power Rangers to any child of the '90s is bound to bring back fond memories of brightly clad, color-coated heroes leaping through the air, a liberal use of pyrotechnics, and of course, giant robots. It’s that sense of fun that indie developer Behold Studios is looking to capture... More
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